Wednesday, March 2, 2011

United State Supreme Court calls into Question the validity of HB 205 and SB 188 as well as the Motives for Advancing Them

As Missouri is running headlong into legalizing discrimination by individuals by passing HB 205 and SB 188 - the Feds - nothing short of a unanimous United State Supreme Court rules that those individuals should not be discounted or excused for the discrimination that they  inflict.  Compare that to the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and its bills referenced above that is determined to exclude those exact people.  So who says it wants to emulate the feds, but apparently did not anticipate the extension of discrimination protection by the Court in this way.  

Further proof that the rest of the world is choosing democracy and the constitutional protections Americans hold dear, while the United States Supreme Court is extending the protections of our civil right by extending prohibitions against discrimination, but somehow Missouri has passed a bill in the House HB 205 and intends to pass SB188 out of the Senate that would actually legalize discrimination.  Lets get back on the democracy for the individual page and drop the corporate greed program. More to follow . . ..

Read the case for yourself.

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