Saturday, February 25, 2017

Chapel Speaks Aginst Jim Crow

I am delighted to have been a guest on Reverend Edmondson's TV Show - FOCUS where we talked about citizen's rights to seek redress from elected officials, the University of Missouri system's support for #JimCrow laws and why the NAACP is working with many other organizations and people to keep our civil rights safe.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why is Representative Bill Lant Still A Committee Chair and Trying to Legalize Discrimination?

First, Missouri legislature tried to silence Nimrod Chapel President of the MO NAACP.

Then, he didn't suffer and consequences for silencing a citizen.

Legislators and citizens called for him to step down or be removed, but nothing happened to him.

Is this the Missouri you want?  

Tell Bill it is time to go home - 573-751-9801 

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORTS shares MO Legislature's epic diss to NAACP

Why are we the laughing stock of the nation again?  Nationwide again for poor race relations?  Is this the leadership you want?  If not call and say #NOJimCrow please veto SB 43

Office of Governor Eric Greitens
Capitol BuildingRoom 216, P.O. Box 720Jefferson City, MO 65102Phone: 573/751-3222Fax: 573/526-3291Governor's website

MO Civil Rights 101 according to US NEWS and World Report

Civil Rights 101 from US News says don't keep making the same mistake.

Oppose Discrimination - Individual discrimination is a sin

Our live are shaped by the decision we make - will you let the Missouri legislature enact a law that allows one person to legally - no way to bring criminal or civil prosecution - for discrimination, harassment and retaliation?