Monday, March 7, 2011

Your civil rights are a changing, but for the worse.

In 1923 there was a lynching of an African American man accused of a crime in Columbia Missouri.  He was murdered by a mob.

There are efforts that have been going on for sometime to correct the record about the incident.

Can you imagine how long it will take to correct the revisions to the Missouri Human Rights Act that are currently being worked on by the Missouri Legislature?

Read SB 188 - it is the last thing that has to be voted on before the Missouri legislature will have ushered Jim Crow back into Missouri.  It would allow people to discriminate against people.  It is immoral, unjust and should not be tolerated.

Hats off to the media attention that this abomination of a law is now starting to receive.  After it passes through the Missouri Legislature, many will be asking how could this happen.  But it is those that are suffering from all sorts of discrimination that will ultimately pay the price - as they wait for someone to fix it by restoring justice and equality.  That is not a easy process nor quick.

Prepare to stand with all those that are prepared to defend the American Dream of equal justice under the law.

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