Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prayer Breakfast & Founders’ Day Ticket Information

Jefferson City, MO Branch NAACP
Prayer Breakfast & Founders’ Day Ticket Information

What is the NAACP Prayer Breakfast?  The Prayer Breakfast brings people from public and private life together to celebrate our common spirituality and build bridges through a message of love, prayer and worship. The event is coordinated by volunteer staff each year. 
Who attends the event?  Participants have included the Governor, state and federal representatives, mayor, city council members, members of the judiciary, peace officers, county officials,  spiritual leaders and many other elected officials, as well as top business leaders and everyday citizens. In addition, we encourage all attendees to bring a younger family member or younger business colleague, in order to perpetuate and grow our community of faith.
How can you help?  Because the breakfast is meant to be a grassroots community event — the price of individual tickets is just $15, so that all may participate — individual ticket sales only cover part of the cost. Memberships are critical to the event’s success. Please consider supporting the NAACP nationally and locally by becoming a subscribing life member, a renewing member or purchasing a membership for your child.
We truly hope that you and your family will join us Saturday, March 26th, 2011 from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM, at Ryan’s (730 West Stadium Boulevard Jefferson City, MO 65109 (573) 636-7926). Let's unite to share our faith and show the world the joy of living in a faith-based community.  You may purchase tickets from Mr. Nimrod Chapel 573-230-6424, Mrs. Sandi Robinson 573-636-6638, or Mr. Joseph Ward, III 573-690-4033.

Mrs. Sandi Robinson, Co-Chair
Second Vice President

Mr. Joseph Ward III, Co-Chair
Third Vice President

Jefferson City Prayer Breakfast & Founders Day Committee

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  1. What a fun event. Representative Jay Barnes, Mayor John Landwhere, Dr. Parks - what more could you want. Looking forward to the rest of the year!