Monday, December 8, 2014

The ACLU of Missouri has created a mobile justice app for Android that they will eventually (hopefully soon) have for Apple devices as well.  It provides for recordings to be sent automatically and immediately to the ACLU, so is unimpeded should the police confiscate the phone.  
In addition, a witness function (when GPS is on) will notify other users in the vicinity to come and observe.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Was NAACP Bus Window Shot Out In Rosebud, Mo.?

Was NAACP Bus Window Shot Out In Rosebud, Mo.? « CBS St. Louis

Like a parent would say - so who broke the window then?

Some accounts say there was no help, the road was blocked, and there was nearly blood shed - cause the marchers would not be deterred.  May be the FBI or the Missouri State Highway Patrol can investigate?

This is one of the best reviews of the Rosebud issue, but now the call is for a review of the events that went on in Rosebud.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Come to the March!

We are at Quinn Chapel and there is time to catch the bus to the march. We want you to be with us. Come now and make history. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What the NAACP Journey for Justice Means to Jefferson City, MO

The Journey for Justice Means to Jefferson City:  
A Time to Shine

Unlike our neighboring community in Rosebud, MO Jefferson City can show who we are - good people that respect and appreciate a good protest.  We realize that as our state's capitol, people come to town for political redress not mayhem.  We open our doors and welcome people from accross the state every day - Friday will be no different.

While some would like to profit personally in gossip by suggesting that because the NAACp is coming to town we need to 'be prepared for. . . .." what they miss is any sort of understanding about what the NAACP is and how we approach problems.  

Jefferson City has a large NAACP unit and has been here since 1923.  Our members are our citizenry irrespective of color, creed, age, religion or any of the other factors people use as excuses to divide what is the human race.  We are the NAACP.  

Others asked good questions like will the Journey for Justice cause a change in other community event?

Here is the best answer - no, but people in the community might if they give into fear.  

Any plans that are changed reflect some internal assumptions without a basis in fact.  Actually, here is the best plan - invite the marchers that walked for 120 miles in for a bite in your restaurants, to visit your shops and experience something different than what we got in Rosebud.  That is a winning plan for Missouri and America.

What follows are some general detail on the Friday's events, but do this - call me (Nimrod Chapel, Jr., President of the Jefferson City NAACP 816-309-5009) with questions, don't cancel regular events, and as in Micah 6:8 'seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.'  There is nothing to fear and a lot to celebrate about the democracy we treasure.  Your all invited and we hope to see you Friday if not before.

Nimrod Chapel, Jr.
President, Jefferson City NAACP

Details below:

What: The Journey for Justice is a seven-day, 120-mile march from Ferguson, Missouri to Jefferson City, Missouri to raise awareness of the urgent need for change to end police brutality and racial profiling. 

When: The march will conclude at Governor Jay Nixon's Mansion Garden at 1 PM on Friday.  There will be a peaceful demonstration where all are welcome.  At 3 PM we will assemble in the Capitol for a program until 4 when the demonstration will end. 

Where: The Journey will commence at Washington Metropolitan AME Zion Church, 613 N Garrison Ave, St Louis, MO, 63103, on Saturday, November 29, at 12:00pm and end at the State Capitol after a visit to the Governor's Mansion at 1 PM.

Accommodations and travel: Walkers are welcome to drive to start points. Shuttle buses will be available to take marchers back to that day's start point after each leg of the walk. Accommodations will be available for those marchers who wish to stay for the duration of the march.

What to bring: Marchers should dress for the weather. Temperatures will range from the 30s to the 50s depending on the time of day. Plan to wear very comfortable walking shoes. The NAACP will serve breakfast and dinner for marchers, and snacks and water will be available during the march. We still encourage you to bring your own liquids and snacks to stay hydrated and healthy. Marchers staying overnight should plan to bring a sleeping bag and pillow, and clothes for the next day.


US50 W to Monroe St


The last day, we'll begin near the Maries River and we'll march 12.5 miles and end at the Governor's mansion

NAACP's Journey for Justice: Rosebud MO Dished Out Hate to Peaceful Demonstrators?

Thank you to all of the people who endured what we see in this video in a manner that represent not only our values and moral stance, but also the essence of non-violence.

November 30, 2014 - Jefferson City Walked Together in the Journey to Justice

November 30, 2014

The Jefferson City community came together - mostly.

We walked in solidarity with the cry against injustice raised in Ferguson MO that not only resulted in the death of Mike Brown but also the refusal to even bring his killer to trial.

We marched to the Governor's mansion.  Where the 100 or so citizens prayed for peace, justice and equality.  We sang some religious songs and chanted for justice.

It was awesome to be among people that value life and liberty - and were willing on that cold day to do something coragous.

I felt bad for the Troopers standing there guarding an empty house because as a peace officer in Missouri you take an oath to defend the Constitution.  But that day, about 11 of them were protecting the governor's mansion from a group made of primarily women, children, seniors and the clergy.  The Troopers were very professional and looked really cold.  I wanted to tell them next time - just walk with us - it is better for everybody when we are together, but we were separated by a fence.

Nimrod Chapel, Jr.