Sunday, February 27, 2011

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The proverb that said 'may you live in interesting times' should have added 'may you have a lot of friends.'  So we are looking for you on Facebook.  Search Jefferson City NAACP and you will find us.  

 The legislative changes that re being proposed in both the Senate and House could have devastating effects on cvili rights in Missouri - legalizing discrimination.  Unfortunately, the media is reporting on this as an 'employment bill' with few exceptions.  As we identify reporters that are willing to call this what it is - we will share them with you so we all know what responsible journalism looks like.  Imagine someone reporting a "house fire where people are injured" as a "spectacular observation of combustable materials at work."  The fact is that people are going to be harmed in many and a variety of ways if HB 205 and SB 188 pass through the Missouri Legislature and become law.

There are some who are hopeful that cooler heads will prevail and preserve our democracy, but other such as the Missouri Chamber of Commerce that claim victory after the bill passed the House of Representatives.  Since when did legalizing discrimination become a part of anyones' support of a better economic climate?  Looking back in history there are several examples of what happens when poor economic times are blamed on the rights of/existence of other races, ethnicities and religions?

Todays homework assignment - post a comment naming those instances where legalized discrimination had a negative result.  Include as much detail as your comfortable with.  Comments can be anonymous if you like. 

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