Friday, September 11, 2015

CALL A STATE REP and tell them not to vote for Right to Work is a lie - its a ticket to be poor!

Legendary Civil Rights leader CT Vivian with Rev. Susan McCann in Kansas City

On July 16,  Mayor James and the Kansas City Council proved that they are among the few elected officials in the country with the moral courage to challenge the sin of poverty wages. This decision to raise the minimum wage made by City Council is now in question and it's time we act.  We can sit by and do nothing or we can stand together as a faith community. It's our sacred duty to respond. 

With one week to go until Veto Session, we are in a close fight to maintain the veto of House Bill 722 with a "NO" vote and stand by the principle that the residents of each community understand their needs and deserve a voice!  This means local control of decision-making in Missouri. 

Thank you for acting now as a faith community. 
Theresa A. Garza, MPA
Communities Creating Opportunity

P.S. - This is our last chance to make sure we keep local control in Missouri. Please contact your legislators ASAP to voice your opposition to House Bill 722.

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