Friday, September 4, 2015

A Word From Our NAACP President

Hello from South Carolina!

I have to keep this short: I'm about to start the 28th day of America's Journey for Justice. 

On our journey we've marched down roads while hostile residents yelled out slurs and waved Confederate flags. We're walking through heat indexes well above 100 degrees—only stopping to have a meal, wrap our sore, blistered feet, and sleep before embarking once more. 

Nimrod, we need your support to keep our marchers safe. Please help provide food, water, security, and medical supplies for our marchers today by chipping in just $5—or whatever you can—today.

This journey has been incredibly inspiring so far—people of all ages, colors, faiths, are marching hand in hand in the name of justice. And no matter the obstacle, we're walking with our heads held high because we know we are on the right side of justice. We're on the right side of history, and we will not be silenced.

We really need your help today in order to see this through to the end. We've already walked 500+ miles, and your support could greatly ease our journey to Washington. 

Your contribution today will provide critical supplies for the men and women on this journey. Please make a donation now, we really need you with us:

Thank you,


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