Monday, September 17, 2012

Clemons hearing is Monday - St. Louis American: Local News


Friends and Allies,

I realized that I will need more time to absorb and synthesize the evidentiary hearing--it was quite overwhelming. (I have pages of notes!)  I will work over the weekend to present a report that captures the spirit and meaning of the week of evidence for those who could not be in the court room to share the full experience with us. Meanwhile, representatives of the Justice for Reggie Coordinated Campaign held a press conference this morning on the steps of the Carnahan Courthouse. We felt it was important that the sentiments of Reggie's parents and the reflections of our partners be the punctuation for the week. 

Bishop Reynolds and Vera Thomas expressed their gratitude to the Missouri Supreme Court, Judge Michael Manners, and Reggie’s legal team for their part in making such as hearing possible. They also thanked the organizations and many supporters who have stood by them on this journey. Both said it was the first time they felt their story was being heard. They expressed sympathy for the Kerry Family and hoped that they could be open to the new evidence heard for the first time in a court of law.

John Chasnoff, American Civil Liberties Union, pointed to the most recent criticism of the St. Louis Police Department's dismal record of addressing brutality complaints. Three of Bridge suspects all claimed their confessions were beaten out of them. Federal Judges Jackson and Webber have drawn attention to the department and Police Board's "tacit" support for the widespread practice of brutality. He also lifted up former prosecutor Nels Moss' falsifying the original police report from the interrogation of 
Rose Heulsmann, Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, echoed sentiments about the flawed death penalty system. She cited financial costs, low impact on deterring crime and the number of exonerations (140) as reasons the death penalty needs to be re-assessed. Her group plans to step up their efforts to repeal the death penalty in Missouri.

Adolphus Pruitt, President of the St. Louis NAACP, was direct in his comments about how those in power can sway public opinion and policy; they can also be instrumental in shaping a process or perverting a process. He saw little difference between Congressman Todd Aiken's redefinition of rape and Nel Moss's redefinition of justice.

Amnesty International was unable to have a rep present. The group has been a stalwart partner in raising Reggie's case to an international level.


When they announced that Clarence Thomas had stopped the electrocution of Troy, I could hardly breath.  Georgia unlike Missouri was hell bent on an execution regardless of the facts.  Our own Reggie Clemons is going to have some key evidence reviewed today in St Louis.  The American is covering the hearing, but apparently there is no live broadcast.  We will keep you posted through the day at @jcnaacp and on FB as to the developments.   Jefferson City NAACP

Clemons hearing is Monday - St. Louis American: Local News: Missouri death row inmate Reginald Clemons finally will have his new day in court on Monday, September 17 when Judge Michael Manners convenes …

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