Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Only One Day to Save Lives - Act Now! - The Death Penalty is Flawed in Application and Conception. Will You Ask Your Senator to At Least Have It Studied?

Please contact Missouri Sen. Brad Lager (R-Savannah) and your state senator TODAY
Urge them to support and VOTE for a Death Penalty Cost-study Amendment

>> Call or e-mail Sen. Brad Lager—573-751-1415, office phone or cell phonebrad.lager@senate.mo.gov

--Urge Sen. Lager (pronounced “Log ur”) to support and not block the cost-study amendment from being added onto House Bill,
 HB 1051, a bill which he’s shepherding in the Senate, and
--Thank him for voting a few months ago “Do Pass” Senate Bill 786 (identical to the amendment offered onto HB 1051 last night) during a committee vote.

Background info... 
Last night during floor debate in the Senate on HB 1051, Sen. Joseph Keaveny (D-St. Louis) offered an amendment proposing a death-penalty cost-study bill. The bill was tabled after some engaging debate and may well come back up for debate either today or later during this final week of the legislative session. The measure would require the State Auditor to study an equal number of murder cases in which the death penalty was sought and where it was not. No thorough study of the cost of capital punishment has ever been done in our state. This study is important for Missouri to fully understand the cost of the public policy to tax payers. Keaveny is also SB 786 sponsor. HB 1051 would direct the State Auditor to conduct audits of state agencies so the amendment would be consistent or germane with the primary bill’s legislative intent.

Please contact Sen. Lager, plus and your Senator TODAY urging them to support the amendment when it is offered.  Remind them that this is a matter of fiscal responsibility— regardless of how he or she feels about the death penalty-- and that taxpayers have a right to know the comparative cost of this 35-year old state policy. Please take this action during this final week of the session.
Residents of Boone and Randolph Counties should contact Sen. Kurt Schaefer, urging him to vote for the study measure via his office at 573-751-3931 or e-mailkurt.schaefer@senate.mo.gov <mailto:kurt.schaefer@senate.mo.gov> .

To determine who your state senator is and/or find his or her contact information, log onto www.senate.mo.gov
For more information call Jeff Stack at 573-449-4585, Kathleen Holmes at 816-694-2725 or Rita Linhardt at 573-635-7239.

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