Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Missouri Legislature Okays Individual Discrimination - Again

The Missouri Legislature voted to pass legislation that will legalize discrimination by individuals.  This will affect every woman, person of faith, color, and nationality, as well as seniors and disabled people.  It will hurt everyone including your children, parents and spouse.

SB 592 

HB 1219 

Seems like a lame thing to do to people.  

If you don't like it, suggest that your friends and family call Governor Nixon and ask him to veto the bill when it gets to him (573) 751-3222.


call your representative and 

state senator 

and tell them 'you are disappointed that the attempt to revive Jim Crow passed on their watch - again, but will remember the people that supported Jim Crow and who was against it in November.  We will post the list here soon as it is available.   Visit for more details.  

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