Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Town Hall on Heroin - there is an overdose each day in Jefferson City/Cole County

Upcoming community town hall meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 9th, 6:30-8:30 p.m., in Jefferson City, at the Assembly of God Church on Hwy C, across from the Lottery.   As you may be aware, if you have been watching TV, listening to the radio and/or reading the newspaper, heroin addiction and overdoses have become an epidemic in the Cole County/Jeff City area, averaging one overdose A DAY in our community.  During our planning sessions, community law enforcement has told some horrific stories related to heroin use/abuse/addiction in this area in which we live.   As a result, many community partners have come together to plan several upcoming town hall meetings in this area.  The first will take place Feb. 9th, with the March and April dates still to be determined.

Children are dying as a result of heroin.  However, there is HOPE!  The HOPE campaign (Heroin Overdose Prevention and Education) will provide you with answers to your questions regarding heroin, addiction and recovery.  What does it look like?  How dangerous is it?  Is treatment available for a heroin addiction?  Can and do people recover from a heroin addiction?  All of these questions, and MORE, will be answered. 

Law enforcement, medical doctors, treatment providers, individuals who have lost children to a heroin addition, and those who are now in long term recovery from their heroin addiction will be speaking.

As I may know some of you on a professional basis, others on a personal basis, we all need to be aware and informed of what is happening around us.

The Jeff City Police Dept. is in the process of setting up a that will serve as a resource to the community, as well as a hotline number 573-635-HOPE (4673).

I hope each of you will consider attending and/or spreading the word to family, friends, colleagues, etc. via email, Facebook, twitter, etc.  We have seating for several hundred people.

If you can print off the flyer and post it at work, church, civic halls, community events, PLEASE DO SO!  Help spread the word.

If you should have any questions, feel free to give me a call or reply to this email.

Addiction can happen to the best of families.  Don’t let it happen to yours.  And if it has already touched your life in some way or another, come and find out ways to help those who might need your help!


Brenda Schell Director, Missouri Recovery Network 1905 Stadium Blvd., PO Box 104146
Jefferson City, MO 65110 573-634-1029 (phone) 816-318-3247 (fax)
The Statewide Voice for Recovery.  Join us online!

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