Monday, July 15, 2013

763 People Arrested on Moral Mondays - today will be the 13th and 100 more will be arrested - where are you?

The North Carolina Delegation is at the National Conference.

Reverend Barber is likely on the way to jail soon if not now.  He is in North Carolina today with the state's delegation of women leaders - its important to stand with your people.

Moral Mondays are consistent opposition to Jim Crow voter suppression themes to voters advances and other issues that were present in North Carolina.

  • Congressional districts were gerrymandered to dilute voting capacity of those seen as progressive.  Now voters who voted for specific leadership are being ignored.    
  • Same day voter registration has been stopped.

For months people in North Carolina have been arrested for trespassing in the state's capital.  Teapartyers have not been arrested for throwing teabags on to the legislative floor.  NAACPers stand in the hall and we get arrested.  

Its not a new story that those who have been disenfranchised are treated different and often worse than those in power or at times the majority.  But when that poor treatment is encoded in law rather than norms it gets a new name - Jim Crow and that what we have to fight now.  


 . . . and get ready to join Moral Mondays in North Carolina and at home.

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