Monday, March 18, 2013

Do You Have Problem with The Jefferson City Public School District? Tonight is your night

Forum on issues problematic with the Jefferson City Public Schools ranging from lack of minority hiring, unfair discipline, and bullying of minority students. 

Please ask the concerned parents your know to come. We have received a number of complaints from people that do not want to come forward individually based on fear of reprisals. Help the NAACP develop a better awareness of how many people are affected by these issues. We anticipate that a number of people who have filed complaints with the NAACP will attend as well, but will allow each person or family to bring up their own issues.

We have received a number of complaints about the same issues and want to collect more information and share the information we have received from the school board. If you know anyone that could be interested - people with children in the district - please share this information with them.

Rod Chapel
Jefferson City NAACP

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