Friday, March 22, 2013

Jefferson City NAACP Community Forum on Education - report

Minority issues raised in public schools -

    The number of minorities working in Jefferson City Public Schools has dwindled in the past six years, a situation that has dismayed several people affiliated with the Jefferson City’s NAACP chapter.
On Monday about two dozens parents, school employees and other interested people — the majority of whom were black — met on the Lincoln University campus to discuss strategies for addressing the slide.
According to data provided by the school district and distributed at the meeting, between 2004 and 2007, almost 7 percent of the district’s total full-time workforce were minority groups. This school year, only 4 percent of the district’s faculty and staff are considered minorities.
In comparison, according to the 2010 census, 21.7 percent of Jefferson City’s population is considered either black; American Indian or Alaskan Native; Asian; Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander; of Hispanic or Latino origin; or a mix of two or more races. Of that number, the majority — 16.9 percent — are black.
In Cole County, about 16 percent of the population is considered a minority; of that group, 11.5 percent are black.
According to school district personnel, about 25 percent of the students who attend the Jefferson City Public Schools are minorities.
Rod Chapel, who serves as president of the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, told listeners a number of complaints about the retention situation, and other race-related circumstances, have accumulated in the last 12 months. Chapel also reported the local chapter has fielded concerns from minority families who feel their children are disciplined more severely or are being bullied.
Although the NAACP has requested information from the district on disciplinary referrals — broken down by race — the group has not received the data they are looking for yet.
He said the complaints vary from district employees who feel they “are being treated differently” to students who are tired of insensitive jokes and insinuations they are “dirty” or “thieves.”
Chapel also noted the perception exists that qualified applicants with the correct teaching certifications can’t get hired in the district.
Penney Rector, assistant to the superintendent for human resources and legal matters, said administrators are trying hard to identify strong, minority candidates.
“The charge I was given on the very first day of the job was to hire the very best teachers for our district. I take that charge very, very seriously,” Rector said.
The pool of minority applicants isn’t very large, she added, and the competition is quite intense. For every one open position in the district, about 100 resumes are received. She said the district has the luxury to consider candidates who bring more to the table than the correct certification.
She noted it’s a challenge to recruit high-quality, minority candidates. “Are we happy with the numbers? Absolutely not,” she said. “I don’t think the situation is unique to our district,” she said.
Rector said administrators are interested in hearing possible solutions.
In the past decade, the district has typically employed an average of about 20 black elementary and secondary classroom teachers. This year 15 elementary and secondary teachers are black; 486 are white.
At the administrative level this year, of the 52 people who work in management, 49 are white and three are minorities. Seven blacks were administrators three years ago.
“We are concerned there is no plan to stop the attrition, or fix it,” Chapel said. “We don’t have any verification from the school district that they have a plan to address this problem.”
Some of the black leaders in the room held up the mirror to their own community, arguing that good educational outcomes start with conscientious, caring parenting.
Emmanuel Adjuzie, an LU economics and agribusiness professor, said he deals with high school graduates who don’t appear committed to their own education. They exhibit poor work skills, such as running late for class, habits he believes are learned at home.
“I ask them: Why are you here? When do you think your future starts?” he said.
“Your future is now ... in front of me,” he tells his students.
Joe Hardy, an NAACP member, was dismayed by the lack of minority teachers in the Jefferson City Public School.
Hardy said he has seen students matriculate through Lincoln University, achieving the appropriate degrees to be educators. “They apply and they do not get hired, although they have the qualifications,” he lamented. “What can we do? They want to stay in Jefferson City, but they leave for opportunities where they know they can be effective.”
Marc Peoples lamented that students who are frequently in in-school and out-of-school suspension — even with work sent home — are missing the main ingredients of their education and their work will be sub-par as a result.
Peoples worried that students who don’t see people who look like them at school will be less likely to aspire to succeed. “The issue really is having people you identify with, who are like you, spread across the system,” he said. “I went to a large high school, predominantly white, but we had a lot more African-American faculty. We just don’t have that in Jefferson City.”
Former Jefferson City school board member Jackie Coleman lamented she sat through similar retention meetings for a decade, without seeing much in the way of results. Coleman suggested listeners avoid making the district’s problems “a racial thing.”
“It really isn’t. It’s an achievement problem,” she said.
As a relatively new hire herself, Rector has one hiring cycle under her belt and is in the midst of her second. This year her office is participating in seven job fairs in Missouri and Arkansas, four of which are at Historically Black Colleges, like Harris Stowe State University in St. Louis.
“One of my goals is to build relationships with those regional colleges,” Rector said.
She said she often hears younger teachers and college students say Jefferson City is too far from the cities where they live. “It’s a lot to ask any teacher to relocate without more than a one-year commitment,” Rector said.

Mo. Senate asking for comment on criminal code | News Tribune

Mo. Senate asking for comment on criminal code | News Tribune

JC to be served by Greyhound | News Tribune

JC to be served by Greyhound | News Tribune

Greyhound bus service is coming to Jefferson City.
The company said Friday it will begin operating one round trip schedule through its Greyhound Connect Service, traveling between Springfield and Ottumwa, Iowa, starting Monday, April 1.
From Springfield, this new route will serve Mountain Grove, Cabool, Licking, Rolla, Jefferson City, Columbia, Moberly, Macon and Kirksville en route to Ottumwa.
The bus will stop in Jefferson City at Convenience Food Mart Conoco, 701 Eastland Drive.
New 24 passenger coaches with amenities that include electrical plug ins will be used.
According to company officials, the Greyhound Connect service is primarily located in regions of states in need of daily, scheduled and affordable transportation.
This route is being provided using Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds through MoDOT.
It allows companies, such as Greyhound to provide intercity bus transportation to locations not currently within its traveling markets.
An adult ticket to go from Springfield to Ottumwa ranges from $80 to $104.
A ticket for Jefferson City to Ottumwa would cost $50 to $66.
Pick up would be at approximately 10:20 a.m. and arrival in Ottumwa would be around 3 p.m. with a 30 minute lunch layover in Columbia.
For complete ticket information go to

Monday, March 18, 2013

Do You Have Problem with The Jefferson City Public School District? Tonight is your night

Forum on issues problematic with the Jefferson City Public Schools ranging from lack of minority hiring, unfair discipline, and bullying of minority students. 

Please ask the concerned parents your know to come. We have received a number of complaints from people that do not want to come forward individually based on fear of reprisals. Help the NAACP develop a better awareness of how many people are affected by these issues. We anticipate that a number of people who have filed complaints with the NAACP will attend as well, but will allow each person or family to bring up their own issues.

We have received a number of complaints about the same issues and want to collect more information and share the information we have received from the school board. If you know anyone that could be interested - people with children in the district - please share this information with them.

Rod Chapel
Jefferson City NAACP

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Don't miss this - Fredrick Douglas would be disappointed if you did.

Want to hear what the great great great grandson of Fredrick Douglas say? You don't have to guess. He is coming to LU!  Thank you LU Extension Council for bringing this opportunity to life!

Mr. Morris is the great-great-great- grandson of Frederick Douglass and the great-great-grandson of Booker T. Washington.

Friday, March 15, 2013 4:00 p.m.
Lincoln University
Inman E. Page Library Room 100
Jefferson City, MO 65101

For more information contact Lincoln University Cooperative Extension Media Center (573) 681-5554 or email 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Voting is a right - Photo ID will return Missouri to the Jim Crow Era - Call the Missouri Senate today and lets do our part to prevent this UnAmerican effort

Dear Missouri Voter Protection Advocates:

1) PHOTO ID -- Today, the Missouri Senate Financial, Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee held a hearing on the Photo ID bills, HB48/216 and HJR5/12. The committee will likely vote next Monday. Please contact members of the Committee ( and urge them to vote NO on HB48/216 and HJR5/12. Click here for Advancement Project's fact sheet on the Photo ID bills. 

2) EARLY VOTING - Secretary of State Jason Kander's Early Voting Commission has released its recommendations in support of Early Voting in Missouri. Check out our submission and recommendations to the Commission at:


If you experience problems at the polls or have questions about your rights, please call: 314-780-1833. Check out the Missouri voter rights palm card online at: If you want palm cards to distribute, let me know. 

Denise Lieberman, Senior Attorney
Missouri Voter Protection Advocate
Advancement Project
(314) 780-1833

Friday, March 1, 2013

Web sites for college bound students. If you know any, please pass this on to them

Web sites for college bound students. If you know any, please pass this on to them.


1) Ron Brown Scholarships

2) FastWEB Scholarship Search

3) United Negro College Fund Scholarships

4) Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships

5) Intel Science Talent Search

6) Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

7) FinAid: The Smart Students Guide to

Financial Aid (scholarships)

8) United Negro College Fund

9) Gates Millennium Scholarships (Annual)

10) McDonald's Scholarships (Annual)

11) Broke Scholars Scholarships

12) National Society of Black Engineers Scholarships

13) National Merit Scholarships

14) College Board Scholarship Search

15) Black Excel Scholarship Gateways

16) FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

17) LULAC - National Scholastic Achievement Awards

18) Scholarship & Financial Aid Help

19) NAACP Scholarships

20) Paralegal Scholaships

21) ScienceNet Scholarship Listing

22) Black Alliance for Educational Options Scholarships

23) Siemens Foundation Competition

24) College Board Scholarship Search

25) International Students Scholarships & Aid Help

26) Historically Black College & University Scholarships

27) Guaranteed Scholarships

28) Hope Scholarships and Lifetime Learning Credits

29) Presidential Freedom Scholarships

30) Sports Scholarships and Internships

31) Student Video Scholarships

32) Student Inventors Scholarships

33) Decca Scholarships

34) Black Student Fund

35) Scholarships Pathways

36) Private Scholarships For Seniors

37) ScienceNet Scholarship Listing

38) Chela Education Financing “Gateway to Success Scholarship”

39) Princeton Review Scholaahips & Aid

40) American Legion Scholarships

41) Free Scholaaship Search

42) 2005 Holocaust Remembrance Essay Contest

43) Horace Mann Scholarship Program

44) Ayn Rand Institute

45) The David and Dovetta Wilson Scholarship Fund—

46) Congressional Hispanic Scholarships

47) Nursing Scholarships

48) College-Bound High School Seniors - Scholarships

49) AFROTC High School Scholarships

50) Minority Scholarships

51) Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students

52) The Elks National Foundation Scholarships

53) Art Deadlines and Scholarships

54) Journalism Grants

55) African American Scholarships

56) Marine Corps Scholarships

57) Research for Women & Minorities Underrepresented in the Sciences

58) Tylenol Scholarships

59) Undergraduate Scholarships (Health)

60) STATE FARM INSURANCE Hispanic Scholarships

61) National Scholarships at All Levels

62) Burger King Scholars (Annual Awards)

63) Ambassadorial Scholarships

64) Baptist Scholarships

65) Methodist Scholarships

66) Project Excellence Scholarships

67) Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarships

68) United States National Peace Essay Contest

69) Gateway to 10 Free Scholarship Searches

70) Accounting Scholarships

71) Americorps

72) Sports Scholarships and Internships

73) 100 Minority Scholarship Gateways

74) Awards and Scholarships

75) American Chemical Society Scholarships

76) Sallie Mae Grants and Scholarships

77) Scholarships List and Search

78) New York State Scholarships for Academic Excellence

79) Hispanic Scholarship Fund

80) Scholarship Research Center: US NEWS

81) Pacific Northwest Scholarship Guide Online

82) College Net Scholarship Search

83) Scholarships For Hispanics


85) Actuary Scholarships for Minority Students

86) Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

87) ELA Foundation Scholarships (disabled)

88) Indian Health Service Scholarships

89) Minority Undergraduate Fellows Program

90) Third Wave Foundation Scholarships

91) College Connection Scholarships

92) Super College Scholarships

93) Indian Students

94) Comprehensive Recourse List (All cultures)

95) Scholarship Database (Alphabetical Listing)

96) Music Scholarships

97) Navy Scholarship Lists

98) National Assoc. of Black Journalists Scholarships (NABJ)

99) Science and Engineering Student Scholarships

100) The Roothbert Fund Scholarships

101) Gateway to 10 Free Scholarship Searches

102) Federal Scholarships and Aid

103) International Students Help and Scholarships

104) NACME Scholarship Program

105) Black Excel Scholarship Gateway

106) Peterson's Aid and Scholarships Help

107) Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarships

108) Coveted National Scholarships

109) 25 Scholarship Gateways from Black Excel

110) Martin Luther King Scholarships

111) Financial Aid Research Center

112) Art and Writing Awards

113) Wells Fargo Scholarships

114) Princeton Review Internships

115) Chicana/Latina Foundation

116) NCAA Scholarships and Internships

117) Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

118) Morris K. Udall Foundation Scholarships

119) A Better Chance Scholarships

120) Asian American Journalist Association

121) American Assoc. of University Women

122) Scholarships by State

123) State Agencies of Higher Education

124) Engineering School Scholarships

125) Scholarship News

126) Scholarships and Fellowships List (Graduate Level)

127) Orphan Foundation of America

128) September 11th Scholarship Funds

129) Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarships

130) American Fire Sprinkler Scholarship Contest

131) Mensa Scholarship Essay Scholarship

132) Chess Scholarships

133) Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund (Activist)

134) Federal Student Aid Portal

135) Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarships

136) Fridell Memorial Scholarship (Dale E.)

137) Alger Association Scholarships (Horatio)

138) Collegiate Inventors Competition

139) Alphabetical Index to Scholarships and Aid

140) National Security Scholarships Programs

141) Institutes of Health Scholarship Programs

142) Adventures in Education

143) Union Plus Scholarship Database

144) Verizon Scholarship Program

145) Michigan Community Scholarships (over 100)

146) College View's Scholarship Search

147) College Xpress Scholarship Search

148) Scholarships on the Net (1500 Links)

149) Scholarships, Prizes, and Honors (Cal based)

150) Cola-Coca Art & Film Scholarships

151) Art School Scholarships

152) Bowling Scholarships

153) Red Cross Presidential Intern Program

154) Congressional Black Caucus Scholarships

155) Microsoft Scholarships

156) Scholarship of The Month

157) Fellowship Database (Graduate)

158) Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf

159) APS Minorities Scholarship Program (Physics)

160) The Minority/Disadvantaged Scholarship Program (architecture)

161) Music For The Blind

162) War Memorial Fund

163) Engineering Awards and Scholarships

164) Undergraduate Awards for Women

165) Civil Air Patrol Scholarships

166) Various College scholarships List

167) Typical Scholarship Opportunities




171) Undesignated Scholarships (Engineering)


173) Scholarships for Minority accounting Students

174) Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students

175) Minority Scholarships (All levels)

176) Findaid: Minority Scholarships

177) Library Scholarships

178) Study Abroad Scholarships

179) Native American & Other Scholarships

180) Sports Figures Scholarships

181) Scholarship Scams

182) Students of Color Scholarships

183) USA Access Education Scholarships

184) Fellowships and Scholarships

185) Dow Jones Scholarship and Program Listings

186) Ernest Hemingway Awards Scholarships

187) Minority Journalism Internships

188) Hispanic/Latino Scholarships

189) General Scholarships

190) Jewish Scholarships

191) Scholarship Opportunities (graduate)

192) Ford Foundation Fellowships for Minorities

193) Scholarships in Many Areas

194) League Foundation: Alternative Lifestyles Scholarships

195) Datatel Scholarships

196) Alpha Kappa Alpha Awards