Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ELECTION PROTECTION Works Call 1-866-our-vote and report problems voting

Already this morning, we have received calls and communications about voting practices in Jefferson City that poll workers are demanding the drivers licenses for verification from voters holding voter registration cards!

Improper -

Students at Lincoln are being told they can't vote this time because the poll workers at McClung Park are not calling back to the office to get the latest registration information for voters!

Improper -

Too many people died for the ability of all Americans to vote - thats people in the military and civilian life.  Now crazy politicians are running around talking about protecting the vote with voter ID and what it really amounts to is Jim Crow poll taxes.  Vote against those who would take your right to vote.

Improper - and too important to wait - if you get hassled at the poll, call 1-866-our-vote and show em what a real American does when their civil rights are being messed with!

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