Monday, July 30, 2012

Will the Judicial System Kill Reggie?

September 17 hearing - Come see for yourself.

Less than two months until Reggie's hearing. What will you do? Be there for the hearing?  Share the injustice with family and friends?  Hold a prayer visual?

It is important to talk about the elements in Reggie's case that plague most wrongful convictions--

poor legal representation

forced confessions

prosecutorial misconduct


There is still a great need to educate the general public on the flaws of the death penalty system. That education can happen in one-on-on conversations with friends and co-workers or through blogs, letters to the editors or as an expression on a talk show host. The point is to raise the death penalty in the public discourse for debate and agitation.
Other ways to support Reggie is to collect signatures for his clemency petition. A petition can be downloaded at the website. Click here: With summer upon us, there are a number of venues where signatures can be collected.
There are also short videos that you can circulate via email, Facebook, etc.  or post to your group's website. Here are a few you can use:
1.  (Amnesty International)
2. (Borrowed Time documentary promo)

Whatever you do, map your voice heard.  Used to be as Fredrick Douglas described in his autobiography - Blacks were subject to any kinda treatment and better not complain upon penalty of the whip or death.  No we in Missouri are at a crossroads where we will either embrace Jim Crow or move forward together.  I am Troy Davis and don't wanna be Reggie Clemons.  You know what else - I'm mad about it.  Join me on September 17 in St.Louis for the hearing and in preparation these 6 weeks leading to it.

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