Monday, May 16, 2011

Commissioner Kelvin Simmons Receives Recognition of His Service as a Member of Governor Nixon's Cabinet and His Contribution to the State of Missouri

Fitting recognition for one of Missouri's most influential and effective leaders!  
On behalf of the Jefferson City NAACP, Congratulations!

From the text of the Ingram's article:  

Back in the ‘70s, fellow seniors at Paseo High School in KC voted Kelvin Simmons “Most Likely to Succeed.” That did more than call attention to his early achievements: “It helped me understand that people are counting on you,” says Simmons, who has a lengthy record of public service in both city and state government. Those old stomping grounds are still a touchstone: “When I return to KC, I travel back to my high school, which sits on a hill,” he reflects. “It is there that I reflect on my education, the values instilled in me at home, and how far I’ve come.”

Here’s how far: City Council in Kansas City. Missouri Public Service Commission. Director of the state’s Department of Economic Development. An now, as Gov. Jay Nixon’s top lieutenant, managing the state’s $23 billion budget and 50,000 employees. “The many opportunities I’ve been afforded is a testament that Missouri is abundant in opportunity,” says Simmons. “I feel an obligation to give back; I’m dedicated to a life of public service.”

Working in the public sector has given him a different insight into the character of his fellow Show-Me Staters: “I’ve noticed that Missourians are hard-working, dedicated, and always willing to help others,” he says. “When presented with a challenge, they are always willing to go the extra mile to work harder, longer or aspire to greater good to move the state forward. Missourians are some of the hardest-working people in the country.”

One of Missouri's best still working in service of her public.  

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