Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mr. Beck Comes to River City But Skips the Invitation for a Beer and Good Conversation

Recently, I had an opportunity to comment on TV personality Glenn Beck coming to Jefferson City as a headliner of a very successful local nonprofit. The question was based on Mr. Beck's prior commentary that our president is a racist. If you have not seen the clip , it was not entertaining, humorous or really Mr. Beck's best performance.

So here is my comment on Mr. Beck's visit to River City:

"Glenn Beck is a gifted entertainer, but his performance ought to be compared to a comedy routine.

Some people like profane comedy and others care for cheap race baiting commentary. Beck's specific comments about Obama being a racist are bombastic and remain unsupported.

Just as important, Jefferson City and Missouri have thwarted other attempts to bring confusion on the real issues that concern communities. What this community needs is an opportunity to heal and grow - in the last two years we have dealt with neo-nazis marching in our town spreading threats of violence and hate, and we have dealt with some Kansas Christians preaching death, we don't need a New York styled media mogul bringing anymore confusion.

To that end, I challenge Mr. Beck to have a real discussion on American values with me. Just the two of us. And I will buy the beer."

Perhaps the most troubling fact that learned from the comments posted to the News Tribune article is that some of our neighbors think that the NAACP is a racist organization. Please tell everyone every time you get an opportunity that the NAACP is open to everyone and wants/needs the support of everyone who loves justice and equality.

Nimrod Chapel, Jr., President
Jefferson City, Mo Unit 4064 NAACP

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  1. Thank you Mr. Chapel for your comments on Mr. Beck coming to our city. You are right...I am also troubled by what I have read in the comments section of our local newspaper. I for one know that NAACP is an organization that openly supports people that care about justice and equality in our city and that is why I support this organization. Keep up the good work.